Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services

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Riverside Industries’ Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) is a unique opportunity for high school students with disabilities who are transitioning from school into adult life. It provides students with job exploration, social skills training, and a competitive, integrated vocational experience in the community. Our Pre-ETS services are designed to give students an introduction to work that will serve to inform their future vocational choices, develop work habits, and obtain experiences that will make them more marketable in the competitive workforce.

Services Included in the Pre-ETS Program Include:

Job Exploration Counseling- group and individual services that will allow participants to get a better understanding of themselves in order to develop an individual career plan that works best for them.

Workplace Readiness Training- focus on job searching skills and the various soft skills that are so vital to success in employment. This will include a variety of curricula, videos, and training modules to give participants a comprehensive knowledge base that will assist them in not just acquiring, but maintaining employment.

Work-based Learning Experiences- opportunities to job shadow, complete informational interviews, volunteer opportunities, and internships.

Counseling on Post-secondary Education or Training- Counseling and guidance about options upon exiting high school which may include academic or vocational programs.

Self-advocacy and Peer Mentoring- Peer mentoring, development of individual advocacy skills, rights, and responsibilities.

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