Life Enrichment

BenDogLEExercising control over what's important to you and being able to express yourself are simple joys that enrich and provide greater daily independence. Riverside's Life Enrichment program provides adults with intellectual disabilities with opportunities for personal growth, independence, and quality living. A talented team of professionals assists in the design of each person's therapeutic plan. It is our belief that growth occurs when trusting, caring, and mutual relationships develop between people. Our Professional Health Care Team consists of:

• Physical Therapist and Assistant
• Speech/Language Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Psychologist/Behavior Specialist
• Registered Nurse
• Licensed Practical Nurse
• Developmental Specialists
• Certified Nurse's Aides


Life Enrichment next to the Clinical ServicesClinical Services
Clinical consultations are provided by specialists including Occupational, Physical, Speech/language and Behavioral Therapists. These clinicians help promote skills that lead to healthier, more independent quality living. The following are examples of areas addressed by our professional team:

• Assistive technology
• Ambulation/mobility training
• Balance and flexibility
• Expressive and receptive language skills
• Fine motor manipulation and dexterity
• Sensory integration
• Physical strength
• Social integration skills
• Functional academics
• Daily living skills

near Developmental SkillsDevelopmental Skills/Quality of Life
Developmental skills are abilities that most of us take for granted such as: using the telephone, taking the bus, making decisions, grocery shopping, or cooking a meal.Some examples of services which promote people's personal growth, dignity, and self-respect are:

• Building relationships
• Making choices
• Solving problems
• Promoting human rights
• Enhancing personal well-being
• Self-advocating
• Developing effective communication skills
• Increasing independence in activities of daily living

Nursing Services
Nursing Services are available on site throughout the week in order to promote the health and well-being of the people who attend Life Enrichment. The Nursing team:

• Coordinates the medical services received at Riverside with the participants' primary care physician, other health-care providers, human service professionals, and family members
• Provides medical case management
• Provides medical interventions such as respiratory care, medication administration, and enteral feedings

life enrichmentAlternative Therapies
Life Enrichment uses alternative therapies not only for the health benefits of these activities, but also for the achievement of its more traditional clinical goals and objectives. Alternative therapies offer different mediums by which to explore and experience the environments that are both unique and stimulating. Some examples of the innovative practices used at Riverside are:

• Music therapy
• Art therapy
• Sensory Integration rooms
• Relaxation therapy
• Aquatic therapy
• Pet therapy
• Horticulture
• Yoga

Community Membership
Community membership and integration are pivotal components of services to people with developmental disabilities. They evolve through a process of consistent participation in community activities in which the general population engages.


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