Community Based Day Services

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Community Based Day Services (CBDS) engage Riverside participants in a range of community experiences, programs, trainings and life enrichment.

CBDS is designed to meet each participant's interests with opportunities for experiential learning and skills development. CBDS participants work on job training skills, personal growth and development, and heightened awareness about the world around us. Organized activities in the greater community provide learning opportunities for socialization, communication, while promoting physical and cognitive health and well-being.

CBDS experiential learning covers a broad range of activities. They includes trips to local museums, parks, libraries, events, public safety organizations, nature excursions, news writing, computer skills, meditation, martial arts class, yoga, music appreciation, and innovative art projects.

CBDS participants also volunteer at local non-profits, social service and civic organizations.

CBDS is committed to a continuum of services and programs to promote maximum engagement in the local community, while strengthening skills and life learning.

For more information about Community Based Day Services, call Kyle Schaller, Director of CBDS, at 413-527-2711 x128 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..