Next Steps Program

Riverside’s Next Steps Program (Pre-Employment Transition Services) is offered through a student-centered approach to support students in their exploration for educational and employment options in life’s Next Steps after high school. These services can be accessed in ways that meet the student’s needs and fit their schedule.

The staff and the clients are a joy to be around! - Beth

We offer five core services:

Workplace Readiness Training

  • Tools to obtain successful employment
  • Interview techniques
  • Resumé design
  • Social and communication skills

Job Exploration & Counseling

  • Better understanding of career qualifications
  • Explore career options through assessments, interview, and tours
  • Completing and submitting job applications and follow up


  • Increased self-awareness and determination
  • Identifying personal strengths and growth opportunities
  • Goal achievement and skill development
  • Understanding rights and responsibilities

Experiential Work-based Learning

  • Informational interview with prospective employers
  • Job shadowing
  • Work experience through internships

Support for Post-Secondary Education

  • Exploring post-secondary education opportunities
  • College and financial aid applications
  • Disability support services
  • Identifying scholarship opportunities

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What is the Next Steps program? Next Steps is Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). This program is a series of no-cost workshops that cover five employment and post-secondary education related topics.

Where and when are the services offered? Our program provides services in community spaces including schools, libraries, community college campuses, or virtually. Services are offered throughout the year.

Why choose Riverside’s Next Steps program? We have 55 years of experience connecting people with employment and educational opportunities.


To be eligible for the Next Steps program, students must be 14-22 years of age and enrolled in high school, post-secondary education, or another educational institution (home school, GED program, etc.), receiving IEP or 504 plan services, or have a documented disability.