Setting Goals and Making Hoops

Making basketball hoops

Meet Allan. Allan had set a new goal for himself to work on standing and to be more mobile. Our staff saw his desire to reach this goal so they created a plan with our Physical Therapist consultant to use a device called a stander. After adjusting it to fit his height and make sure it was a safe option, Allan gave it a thumbs up. A new objective was created to slowly build up Allan’s standing endurance.

So far, Allan's transfers to and from the stander have become easier, and new staff has been trained to help him with the objective daily. Allen is now up to 8 minutes, and is throwing basketballs through a hoop while standing!

Besides Allan’s own goals, there are many reasons for someone to use a stander: change in position with potential to reduce back pain, range of motion for extremities, and providing exercise for muscles that aren't utilized when sitting. Allan has the potential to walk with a gait trainer, and this is a pre-cursor treatment for that to occur.