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Mission Moments - Back on the Job

Meet Charlotte. She has been a client with Riverside since 1984. Charlotte started in the production department doing assembly piecework. Charlotte's passions are the arts and gardening. When the garden program started at Riverside, Charlotte stepped right in and participated in every aspect of the program from early seedling planting, weeding, maintaining the field garden and greenhouse plants, and harvesting. She was also part of the team that worked at the Easthampton's Farmers Market. This was one of her favorite jobs. She was also very active in the Arts Program and loved to draw and paint. When we closed due to COVID in March 2019, Charlotte stayed connected on Zoom, continuing to work on her goals and stay in touch with staff and friends.

And now she is back! She has been in the Riverside building since the beginning of January and is so happy to be here. She is now working side by side with Jillian, a Riverside staff member, to learn the ropes of working in the "Dream Room", part of Riverside's fulfillment department dedicated to receiving, inventorying, packing and shipping products for companies like Scout Curated Wears; a local business that specializes in designing modern, multi-use jewelry. Riverside provides a turnkey, Amazon-like service for local businesses. Charlotte has created her own chart to feel comfortable stocking and organizing the Scout jewelry product line.

Lora Fischer-Dewitt, founder of Scout Curated Wears, decided to leave her demanding career in the fashion industry and in 2015 opened Scout. The partnership between Scout and Riverside started in July of 2016 with a small product line, one Riverside staff member in one room fulfilling orders, and now, it is a team of 7 Riverside staff and clients, three Dream Rooms and an amazing inventory of jewelry.

"Partnering with Riverside for our fulfillment has been instrumental in the growth of my company. The quality and speed of fulfillment at Riverside has helped us grow to the next level. Our customers and sales reps have the confidence that they'll receive their orders quickly and accurately." - Lora Fischer-Dewitt